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Premiumeintrag IMAF Group
The IMAF Group stands for innovative and cross-situational services for the sustainable protection of complex commercial and institutional resources. Our specialists ensure that our clients are provided with a highest level of professional consultation and operational services that meet the requirements of each individual case.

One of our main priorities is to provide our clients with holistic, customised consultation services and the constant pursuit to offer optimal, competent and tailor made solutions for any complex problem.

As a leader in providing innovative and “tailor made“ consultation and operational services, we draw both on our own resources and on an international, handpicked network of experts – true to our principle that special challenges and demands require equally special consideration to successfully and appropriately respond to each individual situation.

Thanks to the long lasting experience gained by the Group’s management and staff, we own a sharpened awareness of what is essential, which in turn enables us to proactively define and ensure the requirements and general conditions for providing our clients with the best as possible support, on both commercial and official level.

For more information to our services in the area of “Private & Corporate” as well “Public & Governmental”, please visit the relevant pages on this website.

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